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Maya calendar

Maya calendar

On the dating system in the Mayan Calendar / Mayan Calendar which was until now the most accurate calendar ever existed on earth. (The calculation of the Mayan Calendar from 3113 BC to 2012 AD), they (Maya Nation) stated in 2012, precisely on December 21, 2012 , is the "End of Times".

Mayan Heritage
- Maya Memorial
The archaeologists working in Guatemala in the excavations they have found a monument which is the oldest ever known, who described the woman ruler of ancient Mayan culture, said research team leader who comes from Canada.
"2 meter-high monument is made of lime stone, named Stella, featuring the figure of a woman who is probably a ruler or a goddess," said Kathryn Reese-Taylor, an archaeologist from the University of Calgary.
Stella is thought to originate from the end of the 4th century AD, making it 200 years older than other similar monuments found first, advanced Reese-Taylor. The research team members from around the world are finding that the first stela at the beginning of this year. He is similar to that usually describes the events in the life of kings
"It is unique because it shows the figure of a woman in the early days of the Mayan history. A period when the city, the new state was established and new dynasties being established, "Reese said Taylor.
Archaeologists found the stela on site Naachtun, a Mayan city 90 km (55 miles) north of Tikal, a site better known. Stella was buried in the ancient buildings, and some inscriptions have been defaced, leading to suspicion as a result of an attack on the town, which is likely carried out by the army of Tikal in the late 5th century.
"That which is common ... that they damage or destroy the stela. But one thing is left at this Stella is the name of the individual, and it is the name of a woman, "said Reese-Taylor. The name was translated into my lady separator.
The researchers did not consider the Mayan culture embraced the mother (matriarchal), but the discovery of Stela recently showed, that women have played an important role in the shaping of society.
The plan, the team will return to the site to make molds monument and begin studying the pictures that accompany these figures, including a god kelakhiran with squiggly wings. "There are many symbols that we must interpret and it will give us about the status afforded to women - probably the political position of a founder of the dynasty. Today is my opinion the best, "Reese-Taylor said.
- Mayan Crystal Skulls
A legend has been told for generations for a long time in Central America. Both the Maya and Aztecs believed that the world has been destroyed 4 times and we live in today is under the Sun to 5. The first live giants under the sun, their world has been destroyed by water. Second sun watching the dragon from the air to destroy the world and the people turned into monkeys, only a man and a woman who was saved. Third Sun was destroyed by heavenly fire (meteor), people in those days eating only fruits
During the Sun to 4, the man had died of starvation, followed by a flood of fire and blood. It is estimated that the 5 end of the world has come since the Earth was shaking (due to the possibility of an Earth's magnetic pole reversal). Then all life would disappear.
Maybe you have heard about the Mayan calendar. Starting from August 13 3114 BC, and the end times are expected to fall on December 21, 2012. This is associated with Venus. Mayan elders to leave the codex contains a variety of predictions, especially about the solar eclipse. They are regarded as a famous astronomer.
At a time when humans inhabited the 12th planet, there are 13 crystal skulls of the deceased. They leave it to people on Earth. People Atlantis left for the Maya. When combined together, the skull may reveal information about our origins and how to avoid disasters in the future. Our ancestors could get him to talk, his jaw can move. We might think of it as a super-sophisticated computer.
Results from various studies of the skull is very astonishing. Call it research on the skull, called Anna Mitchell-Hedges, made by Hewlett Packard labs. The results can be summarized as follows: "The researchers we are unable to explain how these skulls were carved in the past without using the tools of today."
According to experts at Hewlett Packard, will take at least a year to carve Anna Mitchell-Hedges skull, although using modern tools. Unable to explain how a delicate sculpture to survive intact face of shocks and geothermal.
The answers to these questions may help provide evidence of the truth of this legend.
It should be also informed that since the late 19th century, trade crystal skull has started, but most is a duplicate.

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